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frequently asked questions

  • Interview Process

    How long is the recruitment process?

    The recruitment process typically takes between 4- 8 months. Much of this depends upon how quickly the doctor can collect together the needed documents.

    What are the different steps of the recruitment process?

    1. Skype interview and offer acceptance
    2. Collection of documents
    3. Ministry of Health (Kuwait) or Dataflow (Emirates) verification of documents
    4. Kuwait: Ministry of Health exam
    5. Emirates: documents sent to the Health Authority
    6. Qatar: documents sent to the Health Authority
    7. Licence issued and mobilization date set
    8. Documents authenticated
    9. Visa applied for by hospital
    10. Mobilization

    What type of interview can I expect?

    Generally speaking interviews are conducted via skype or telephone. Questions focus on the candidate’s professional experience, and there are usually some medical/ academic questions as well.. Occasionally the hospital will travel for local face to face interviews.

    Can I visit the hospital before accepting the offer?

    A candidate can visit the hospital most times at his own expense prior to accepting the offer, but it is down to the hospital’s discretion to choose to reimburse the expenses or not. In Kuwait, the candidate can visit the hospital when they travel for the Ministry of Health exam (this is after accepting the offer).

    Can I negotiate the offer?

    The offers are usually, but not always, negotiable. If you wish HRI will negotiate on your behalf.

    Can I change my mind once I have accepted the offer?

    Although not encouraged, candidates can change their mind after accepting the offer, since they are not legally bound until signing the employment contract.

  • documents

    Which documents do I need to collect?

    • copies of qualifications,
    • current and previous employment letters (often from at least the past 8 years),
    • passport copy,
    • current and previous licences to practice (the previous licences do not need to be valid),
    • professional reference letters,
    • Good Standing Certificate from relevant professional licencing body,
    • marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates,
    • Police clearance (latter 3 only needed prior to mobilization).

    Do I need to provide the original documents?

    HRI does not require the original documents. You will need to email or share with us electronically scanned copies of the original documents.

    When do I need to provide the required documents?

    You need to provide the documents as soon as possible after accepting an offer. As it can be a lengthy process, we recommend starting to gather the documents at the time of application

    Which documents do I need to get attested, how and when do I do this?

    The documents to be attested are your main qualifications, marriage certificate, and children’s birth certificates. This needs to be done only after your licence has been issued but prior to mobilization. This is done by legalizing the documents at the ministry of foreign affairs in the country that issued the documents, then attesting them at the embassy of the country of the hospital (eg. Emirates, Kuwait)

    Who pays for costs related to attestation?

    Usually the attestation costs are borne by the candidate.

  • license

    How long does it take to obtain the license?

    On average it takes 4- 6 months to obtain the licence.

    Whatare the criteria for obtaining a License for Consultant, Specialist and Registrar Positions?

    • Kuwait:
      1. Registrars : Total 5 years’ experience, including 1.5 years’ post masters’
      2. Specialist : Total 8 years’ experience, including 3 years’ post MD/ Recognized Membership or Fellowship
      3. Consultant: Total 12 yrs’ experience, including 7 years’ post MD/ Recognized Membership or Fellowship.


    • UAE:
      1. Tier 1 qualifications (CCT, CCST in UK and Ireland, Fellowship in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Board Certification in USA): 2 years’ experience
      2. Tier 2 qualifications: 8 years’ experience (Dubai) or 5 years’ experience (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain)

      1. 2 years’ experience post- Tier 2 qualification (eg. Arab Board, FRCS, specialist qualification from Germany, Norway, Korea etc.) or 3 years’ experience post- Tier 3 qualification (For full list please see HAAD or DHA website)


    Do I need to take an exam?

    In Kuwait, all doctors need to take an exam prior to their licence being issued. In the Emirates, consultants with certain qualifications and experience (eg. CCT, American Board) are exempt from an exam.

    What happens if I fail the exam? Can I re-sit?

    Usually the doctor is invited to re-sit the exam at the next available examination date.

    How can I upgrade my license?

    It is possible to upgrade the license, it has to be initiated by the hospital.

    Who pays for my exam?

    The hospital pays for the exam.

    Who arranges and pays for my travel related to the exam?

    The hospital arranges and pays for all expenses relating to the exam.

    Do I need to take the exam every year?

    No, the exam will only need to be taken prior to obtaining a licence.

  • visa

    How long does it take to obtain the visa?

    Usually the visa process takes 2- 4 weeks.

    Who arranges my visa?

    The hospital arranges and pays for the doctor’s visa.

    Which documents do I need for my visa?

    No additional documents are needed for the candidate’s visa.

    How long is the visa valid for?

    It varies between 2 or 3 years.

    Can my family join?

    The candidate’s (immediate?) family can join at any time.

    Who will get the visa for my family?

    The hospital arranges visit visas for the candidate’s family (if needed) and once the candidate obtains their employment visa, they will sponsor their family for resident visas.

  • start

    What is the time frame for joining after I have obtained the license?

    After obtaining the licence it usually takes 6- 8 weeks before the candidate joins.

    Can the starting date be changed?

    The candidate can choose their start date if it is relatively soon after obtaining their licence (within about 3 months). The date can be changed for unexpected circumstances at the hospital’s discretion.

    Who is arranging and paying for my travel to start the job?

    The hospital arranges and pays for the travel costs.

    Where will I stay during probationary period?

    During the probationary period (usually 3 months) the candidate (and their family) will stay in accommodation provided by the hospital. After successfully completing the probationary period, the doctor will find their own accommodation.

    Will I have an induction?

    Yes, the hospital arranges for an induction.

  • during employment

    Can I terminate my contract within the contracted period?

    Yes, the doctor can usually terminate the contract with 3 months’ notice. However, some hospitals have 6 months’ notice period.

    Can I renew my employment contract?

    The contract is usually automatically renewable.

    Can I move to a different hospital within the contacted period?

    In certain circumstances a doctor can move to a different hospital within the contracted period, with the permission of the hospital.

    Can I move to a different hospital once my contract has expired?

    Yes, in general after one year employment.

    Who is providing and arranging my medical indemnity insurance?

    It is provided and arranged by the hospital, and in general, it covers all the contracted activities performed by the doctor in the hospital’s facilities.

    Will my employer keep hold of my passport for the duration of my contract?

    No, the doctors will keep their passport.

    Is there a possibility to be promoted during my contract?

    Yes, there is a possibility of being promoted.

  • general

    Who will help with the housing? Will I get housing allowance?

    The doctor will find their own rented accommodation after the probationary period, but in most cases will get housing allowance, which is paid directly to the landlord.

    Will I get schooling/ education allowance?

    In most cases schooling/ education allowance is not offered, but there is often an additional general allowance which can be spent on education.

    What international schools are available and are they of the same standard as British Schools?

    There are a large number of international schools with a variety of curriculums, all of the same high standard as European schools

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